Cossack Club (Bloom Street)

The Cossack Club was on Bloom Street not far from Thomson Arms near the bus station. I never went there myself but Russian Dave, the owner, was a character who always drove american cars.

June Hulstone - 5/10/09

Further to mention of the Cossack Club being owned by Russian Dave. I knew Russian Dave in the 60s, didn't everybody, and I have a feeling he is the guy who calls himself David Dickinson to-day. Does anybody else think this?

Ann Waters (nee Blanksby) - 13/1/10

I knew the RUSSIAN DAVE very well in the 60's. He had a garage in Leigh the last time I saw him. Always wondered what happened to him.

June Alsop - 12/4/10

My name is David Kay, otherwise known as RUSSIAN DAVE. What a surprise to read about myself on your page. Thankyou for the comments and just to let you know I am alive although not in perfect health, am still driving my american cars.

I knew David Dickinson and if he reads this he can contact me at home 0161 860 7569. I live in Chorlton now and also spend time in the South of France. Thankyou you all.

David Kay - 25/3/11

Well I never!!! David Kay!!! I danced at your club a couple of times and remember you having,,,what you referred to as a ''Cannon car'' like the one in the TV series of that time!!
Fancy you still living in Chorlton then!! Anyway,,,if you read this,,,take care and all the very best!!!

Jackie Blakemore - 12/10/12

I'm really surprised to hear that Russian Dave is still alive and well and living in CHORLTON, really the Russian of Cossack Club fame, how old are you now ha ha? You don't know me but my best friend's dad Sid O'Brien used to see you and a couple of times you took us a drive up Hyde Road, Ardwick, in your American car in the 1960's - we were about 11 then.

Michelle O'B is still my best friend but sadly Sid's long gone. Happy days.

June Ward - 6/5/13


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