The Twisted Wheel (Brazenose Street then Whitworth St)

Home to the more r'n'b sounds that were becoming popular post the Liverpool and Manchester beat boom of the early sixties, the club has maintained a cult status amongst club goers of the time and still holding "Wheel nights" for soulies. Home to the famous all-nighter's, the Wheel hosted many of the world's top soul acts - Sam and Dave, Ben E King as well as many top UK acts such as Geno Washington, Root and Jenny Jackson and St Louis Union (c'mon we have to get a Manchester band in there somewhere).

The Wheel went a trifle upmarket at the end of the era, calling itself "The Placemate". 

Originally in Brazenose Street (close to Albert Square and The Oasis) in the Left Wing Coffee House (below), the club moved to its more recognised address in Whitworth Street in 1966.

Home to Northern Soul before Wigan Casino and The Torch, the Wheel is still a recognisable feature of Whitworth Street - certainly outstaying other Manchester clubs of the era


The M/C Left-Wing Coffee Bar was opened by Joel Bennett (1923 - 2014), Bob Sheldon (b. Robert Sheldon) and Edmund Dell. Bennett became a Labour MP for Heywood and Royton in 1964 on his 41st birthday.
The M/C Left-Wing Coffee Bar was opened by Joel Bennett (1923 - 2014), Bob Sheldon (b. Robert Sheldon) and Edmund Dell. Bennett became a Labour MP for Heywood and Royton in 1964 on his 41st birthday.
On Easter Saturday, April 16 to Sunday, April 19, 1960 The Left-Wing Coffee Bar reopened with The Jazzmakers with a new floor for dancing.
On Saturday, August 20 to Sunday, August 21, 1960 The Left-Wing Coffee Bar reopened with The Jazzmakers from 12pm to dawn.
John Rowlands who later played with The Blues Syndicate (John Mayall's Blues Syndicate), used to run all night Jazz sessions here. He would sometimes import a name from London like tenor sax player Don Rendell (1926 - 2015) who later had a quartet with alto sax player Graham Bond (1937 - 1974).

The club later changed its name to The Twisted Wheel Club which opened on Friday, January 27, 1963 with The Karl Denver Trio, The Skyliners and Dean West and the Hellions.

John T. Warburg
28 December 2021

Known Gigs

  • January 27, 1963: The Karl Denver Trio, Dean West and the Hellions, opening night 
  • Friday, February 15, 1963: Freddie and the Dreamers
  • Saturday, February 16, 1963: Wayne Fontana and the Jets
  • Friday, May 24, 1963: The Hollies
  • Monday, July 1, 1963: The Hollies
  • Saturday, July 13, 1963: The Hollies
  • Monday, July 6, 1964: John Lee's Groundhogs backing John Lee Hooker
  • Saturday, October 10, 1964: John Lee's Groundhogs 
  • Wednesday, November 4, 1964: John Lee's Groundhogs backing John Lee Hooker
  • Saturday, November 21, 1964: John Lee's Groundhogs backing Jimmy Reed
  • Saturday, December 19, 1964: John Lee's Groundhogs, Joe Cocker Big Blues
  • Boxing Night, Saturday, December 26, 1964: Sonny Boy Williamson, The Spencer Davis Group
  • Saturday, January 30, 1965: Duffy Power, The Sorrows
  • Sunday, January 31, 1965: The Dawnbreakers 
  • Monday, September 27, 1965: The Zombies
  • Sunday, October 3, 1965: The Who
  • Friday, December 3, 1965: Jimmy Powell and the Five Dimensions
  • Saturday, December 4, 1965: The Spencer Davis Group, advertised as Spencer Davis
  • Sunday, December 5, 1965: Ivan's Meads
  • Saturday, January 1, 1966: The Spencer Davis Group
  • Saturday, October 22, 1966: The Spencer Davis Group
  • Saturday, January 7, 1967: The Speelbinders
  • Saturday, January 4, 1967: Alvin Cash and the Presidents
  • Saturday, January 21, 1967: Geno Washington and the Ram Jam Band
  • Saturday, January 28, 1967: Georgie Fame and his Band
  • Saturday, February 4, 1967: Billy Stewart
  • Saturday, February 11, 1967: Zoot Money's Big Roll Band
  • Saturday, February 18, 1967: Geno Washington and the Ram Jam Band
  • Saturday, February 25, 1967: Chris Farlowe and the Thunderbirds 
  • Saturday, August 5, 1967: Life 'N' Soul
  • Saturday, August 12, 1967: St. Louis Union
  • Saturday, August 19, 1967: The Power House 
  • Saturday, August 24, 1967: Alan Bown Set 
  • Saturday, September 2, 1967: Jimmy James and his Vagabonds
  • Saturday, September 9, 1967: Georgie Fame and his Band
  • Saturday, September 16, 1967: Richard Kent Style
  • Saturday, September 23, 1967: The Action
  • Saturday, September 30, 1967: Joe Tex and his 8 Piece American Band 


Good reading 

CENTRAL 1179 - The story of Manchesters Twisted Wheel Club by Keith Rylatt & Phil Scott

ISBN 0-9536626-3-2 BEE COOL Publishing (BCP) Ltd.

You may need to try ebay or Amazon.


I was brought up in Oldham and went to the Twisted Wheel and the Oasis Club in Manchester, it would be about 1967/68. I never attended the all-nighters. I got two buses, the B bus which stopped outside my house and then the 98 down Manchester Road, then walked to Whitworth Street.

I remember seeing Junior Walker and the All Stars, Edwin Starr and of course the St Louis Union, who had a massive following as you know. I remember the Union playing the Astoria ballroom in Oldham and hearing Heatwave by Martha and the Vandellas for the first time played by them. They were unique as they had a sax and an organ and did great soul covers. It was ages before I heard the original version and I still remember quite vividly hearing the song for the first time.

A few years ago I was in Selectadisc in Nottingham with my daughter and got a copy of Central 1179, the story of Manchester's Twisted Wheel Club and was overwhelmed with all the memories it brought back. Great days!!!

Janet Chow

I visisted the Wheel regularly around 1969/70 and met many people with very flambouyant names. Like Batman from Leicester and Haggis from Sheffield, Little Dave from Levenshulme and Joey Eager from Liverpool, Kathy and her sister from Glasgow and a lass from Keighly who talked a lot. I spent the whole night in the loos chatting once. I think it was Linda ?

Judy from Stafford who went with Janet from Telford.

I was fortunate enough to work on the ground floor directly above the Wheel in Brazennose St. Talk about mixing business with pleasure! Friday afternoons I could hear that night's bands doing their sound checks, such as they were. The message being that the weekend had already started.

Spent each Saturday buying records and was totally broke come Monday morning. It has always remained a mystery to me how some people seemed to have money for not only records but clothes and pills as well! When The Wheel moved to Whitworth St. it lost it's feel for me. The sound was crap and the place just didn't have the same feeling about it. It became too much a "scene" place to be. I guess that's why Roger Eagle upped sticks though I may be wrong.

John Irving

You think Roger Eagle was the only DJ at The Twisted Wheel in Brazennose St.? The first night I ever attended,(Memphis Slim/Georgie Fame) the man on the decks was Roger Fairhurst (who's still alive and kicking) and he was playing John Mayall's "Crawlin' up a hill". He's still got a terrific collection and is a mine of information. The Wheel wasn't just a one man band.

John Irving

I visited the Twisted Wheel regularly in 1963/64. I don't think it had been open long. Us girls used to do the classic thing of dancing round our handbags!!

If nothing much was happening at the Wheel we used to go round to the Oasis. I remember one night Dave Berry was on at the Oasis. I thought he was strange!

Never went to any all nighters, there would have been hell to pay at home. I used to get the bus in from Cheadle and sometimes walk a lot of the way home (Couldn't do that now, for lots of reasons).

I really liked the Hollies, they were there a lot, if I remember rightly. Happy days.

J Simpson

Read with interest the comments re dj's at Brazenose Street Wheel. Whatever happened to Peter(Bongo) Van Dort. Does anybody remember him?

Ron Finn

Bongo Van Dort was the dj at the original Wheel. He introduced us to the Coasters, Chuck Berry and many more great artists. We were the new generation of hippie teenagers - long hair, bell bottom jeans, black roll neck jumpers.

Sadly Peter (Bongo) passed away in 1972 in a car accident in Yorkshire. His son has got a e mail address on one of the Wheel sites.

P Byrne - 31/3/09

The first thing I used to do when entering the Old Wheel was request the DJ to play my favourite record of the time, 'Crossroads' by Homesick James.

Saw some great performances there too by John Lee Hooker, Carl Perkins, The Yardbirds, Spencer Davis, Sonny Boy Williamson, and Long John Baldry: who used to wander about the place ducking the archways that led from room to room with Rod Stewart at his side looking even smaller than he is.

The pea soup was another memory, very tasty: along with the pretty girls with their long hair and panstick lipstick.

Peter Bradford

There was a dark side to the "Wheel" that at the time was very cool, and that was what we all called "pep pills". To stay up dancing all night at the all-nighters in those days you needed some amphetamines. Most of which were knocked-off from local chemists. We did not have any chemical names, we just called them by their colours, red'n'blacks, brown'n'greens etc.

Spencer and the other bloke (forgot his name) from the cops used to search us as we were lining up to get into the all-nighters on a regular basis. We used to buy the pills on Picadilly station and slide them inside the turnups of my bleached blue jeans. Boy, the state of us in the El Mogambo round the corner on Sunday morning, getting it together to go home. my kids don't believe half the stories.

Chris W

I started to go down the Wheel with my older brother Tony (Rest his soul) and my mates back in 68-70. We lived in Nelson Lancs and would alternate between either The Wheel or an all nighter close to home in Brierfield called the Bird Trap,

We would go down our local dance hall called The Imp to see some of the great Soul Acts like Sam & Dave, Otis Reading etc and then off down the good old all nighter to dance the night away.

If only it was still like that now a days!!!!! Long Live Soul

David West

I was interested to read the comments by Dave West from Nelson, about the "Bird Trap" and thought he may be interested to know that I attended a "Bird trap " re-unoin night in the original club on the 6th Feb, 2010,. it was a FANTASTIC night all the old wheel sounds all night and about 200 in, they are planning more soon!

Jim - 26/2/10 

I was a regular at the wheel 69/71 great times me and friends from Doncaster. I remember batman, haggis, nobby (from Derby) 

Chris Farrell

I remember the Twisted Wheel club in Brazennose Street and later at Whitworth St. I attended reularly from about 1963 to 1965. I saw many artists including Sony Boy Williamson. I went to the all night sessions and the next day the dedicated went to Blackpool, where we finished off the weekend with more clubbing.

The club was non alcoholic, but by the time the all night session opened, most of us had been drinking in the local pubs. However, there was a lot of uppers and downers used. When the police raided one night, the floor was covered in pills and the less fortunate were scrabbling around the floor trying to scoop them up.

That aside I had some fantastic nights dancing to the beat of r&b. I also remeber the Oasis club, where I saw several budding artists who late became pop legends, but I found it rather commercial and less of a buzz than the twisted wheel. I didn't think the reopening in Whitworth St was as successful as the original club. Later, I progressed on to other (alcoholic) clubs and got stuck into a professional career, but I can still remember many of the faces and pals I had, but not their names. I would love to hear from them.

My tastes these days extend more to Paolo Conte than modern pop, but I when I hear the r&b I have to dance, and memories of my carefree youth come back.

Alan Brooks

Had many great nights at the wheel with the Heywood "in Crowd" Ebb, Sid, Bone, Tud, and Dennis "Hutthur" Kingslow and the girls Mooresy, Flower,and Petal.

Used to meet early and spend a few hours in the "Jigsaw" before moving onto the Wheel. Saw some good artists including Ben E King, Spencer Davis and Edwin Starr.

Just for interest my brother Roy was lead singer with "The Powerhouse". A great Manchester soulband who should have acheived more.

If any members of the Heywood "In Crowd" read this and want a reunion night you can contact me. I'm in the phone book. That's Chris (Ebb) McLean, Anthony (Tud) Loxley, Jeff (Bone) Greatorex , Sid (TheNose) Pinde, Dave (Albums) Hayes, Dennis (Hutther) Kingslow plus the Girls - Val (Mooresy) Moores, Janet (Flower) Gannon and Petal not sure of her name. Also Lesley (Les) Waterhouse.

Let's relive our youth again before it's too late.

Alan ( Alby) Gibbs

People do not believe the times we used have. It will never be repeated - we would go out on Friday night and not go home till Monday morning

Roy Barry

I went to the Wheel 66 to 69. The great thing was the fact it was so frendly and in the moring you went to the Salvation Army for tea for a cup of tea then the Blue Note just to come down. Then we got the train back to Carlisle.

Bill Elliott

Great trip down Memory Lane reading about the Wheel. Used to go there in the early Sixties. Coming from the "Country" (Wythenshawe:-) we would get the 102 to Albert Sq and then "tank up" in the Rising Sun before heading to the "All Nighters".

Agree, fantastic times, great groups (Spencer Davies with "baby" Steve Winwood on vocals and organ, ike and Tina Turner etc.

Sunday night we would then get our "best mod gear" on and go to Belle Vue. Saw Long John Baldry/Rod etc.

Often wonder what happened to Samantha who "helped" Jimmy Saville on the stage. Supposed to have gone to America with Mickey Dolenz of the Monkees.

Talk about full circle, now live in NYC and Peter Noone appearing at an oldies reunion a few miles from here next week. He couldn't sing when he lived in Sale and presume he still can't

Peter Appleton

Thank goodness someone has come up with the real deal about the Wheel instead of the suger coated version!!

I refer to Chris W who writes about the scene on the station, and being searched for pills. Sgt Pxxxxx's Purple Heart Club Band consisted of four officers, with one or two wooden tops brought in for special occasions, which brings me to my tale of woe.

Does anyone recall the night in September, 1967, when Paul Band was badly beaten outside the club, 4 men tried to drag him into a car. After he had been taken to hospital the police came up to the the station, blocked all the entrances, told everyone to stand still, as they were investigating a serious incident and we were all to be searched, and to give out names and addresses.

This never happened, as for some reason best known to himself, he took one look at me, and arrested me, dragged me out between him and a WPC. Everyone was watching, about 50-60 people were there, surely this can be remembered by someone.

They took me to Paul in the hospital, who told them that I did not do it. The police then took me back to the wheel himself, they turned the music off, and one gave some sort of little speech. He then let me go, and off he went. Over the years many people have said, "I know you, your that guy who got pulled by the police that night, but it was 40 years ago!!

Barrie Worthington aka 5 boys

Great site. I attended the Twisted Wheel 1963/65 when it was in Brazenose St. Bongo van Dort was the dj - first time I heard real r&b. Big Pat was the doorman, very calm bloke, no alcohol.

Best nights Tuesday and Thursdays, Saturday allnighters - I think Wednesday nights were all r&b with Roger Eagles dj.

First heard Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters, Sonny Boy Williamson.

Peter Byrne - 7/2/09

The Twisted Wheel, for me was one of the great places to be to listen, watch and be part of the bets blues scene in the UK. I was privelaged as a very young musician to play at the wheel in my first group the Madmen and later as a memeber of The Beat Boys. The Beat Boys were managed by Jack, Ivor and Phil Abadi who owned the Wheel. I had a great education by being able to rub shoulders with and watch most of my heroes, Memphis Slim, Georgie Fame, Chris Farlow John Lee Hooker and many many more. It was the place to be and the memories for me are still very vivid. God Bless The Wheel, all who played and all who visited.

Mike Gannon - 5/3/09

I can't believe this site exists! I was checking out a sixties band, 'The Mighty Avengers' and picked up the link.

Through early '64 and on to '65 and '66 I was in Manchester most nights. Monday at the wheel saw Alexis Korner in residence and Saturday night early and all night sessions punctuated by visits to the Rising Sun, in at the back door out at the front, and into the Nag's Head, with your 'pass out' stamp on your wrist. Georgie Fame was 'magic'.

The Cavern club in Cromford Court provided the setting for my only brush with the local law enforcement officers. A mate, Steve Church, had a bad reaction to something and five or six of us, courtesy of passouts, were outside the club getting some air and a passing 'bobby' commented on the general need for haircuts and kept on going.

Next minute, the black van with half a dozen of his mates pulls up, were loaded in and taken to Bootle St., booked for 'Loitering with intent' put in cells, minus shoe laces and ties, leather or nothing, whilst Parents were summoned! Laugh or what! Subsequently in Court, in school uniform, conditional discharge.

Great time, great mates, not all of whom still around, remembering Derek Stevens ( Weed) Barry Wynn and a few more.

Michael Dalton - 30/3/09

Wow, I'd forgotten what the old place looked like! I remember queuing outside there many a time. I saw John Lee Hooker, Sonny Boy Williamson, The Animals and so many more great people.

I'm pretty sure I saw the Rolling Stones there too, before they were famous, but as no-one else mentions them perhaps that was another club. Wherever it was, they were so Not famous that they just walked through the audience before their set and Mick Jagger brushed right against me.

They were sensational and it's why I made a note of their name and realised later when they became famous.

Cary Butterworth - 28/4/09

Hey fantastic, to find Manchester Beat.We used to get the 125 from Hyde to the All Nighters and in the week the Oasis and others.

I live in New Zealand now and my family said why not write someting about your younger days, cheeky sods! and researching came across this site. Memories memories, but we were in at the start, the kids here just don't what it's all about when they think they're having a good time.

NZ Pete - 4/5/09

Being so old, I remember the 'Wheel' when it was the 'Left Wing Coffee Bar'. John Rowlands, who later played with John Mayall's Blues Syndicate, used to run the all night jazz sessions there. We used to drop in after a Saturday night gig if we were passing through town. 

John would sometimes import a 'name' in from London but the only one that I can remember seeing there was tenor player Don Rendell, one of my favourites. Don later had a quintet with Graham Bond who at that time was playing alto. Graham of course went on to play Hammond Organ, finally meeting a sad end under the wheels of an underground train. I can't be sure who played with John Rowlands but it might well have included the likes of Roy Hilton and Hughie Flint (McGuiness Flint). 

To give you some idea of how long ago this was, I can remember coming in to town in the early hours of a Sunday Morning after a gig just to look in Looker's window (the car dealers on Deansgate) to see this revolutionary new car that had been unveiled at midnight that night. It was the Mini.

Brazennose Street being almost opposite Lookers, we probably went on to the Left Wing for a cup of coffee and a dose of jazz.

Pete Crooks - 30/5/09

The Abadi Brothers, ex Burnage Grammar School lads, opened the Wheel on January 27th, 1963. On opening night the headline act was "Dean West and The Hellions" who were from Burnage, later changing their name to The Wailers, eventually disbanding in April 1964 when Barry "Bean" Whitwam and Lek Leckenby left to join Hermans Hermits. The very first DJ at The Wheel was Geoff Mullin, another ex-BGS boy.

Dave Chalmers  - 15/2/10

A few more none-sugar coated Twisted Wheel tales for Barry Worthington and NZ Pete.
Yes Pete I used to catch the the 125 from Hyde aswell. I was the black sheep of Hyde for a few years after we got nicked for knocking off the chemists for pep pills (another story for later).

Anyway Barry, I seen to vaguely recall the Paul Band issue and the cops trying lock the place down one night.

There was another incident on one all nighter when the tension between the guys from the Wythenshawe 'reservation' and the Moss side black kids got out of hand. Killer McBride got stabbed a couple times and as he was being carried out on a stretcher he rose up and head butted some poor black kid who was nothing to do with the ruckus.

I live in Houston Texas now but remember those crazy all nighters with great relish.
Bumped into Jim Warhust from the Meteors and the ManchesterPlayboys last week in Barbados, alive and doing very well, living down the street from Ricky Hatton in Gee Cross.

  • Chris W - 12/5/10

These dates are listed in the Manchester Evening News:

  • The Coasters - 19 November 1966. This would have been the original Coasters with backing group, The Noblemen, featuring Martin Barre (later in Jethro Tull) on guitar.
  • Lee Dorsey - 15 October 1966
  • The Vibrations - 24 September 1966. I think The Noblemen (see above) were backing group as they did support them at this time on a UK tour.
  • Edwin Starr - 28 October 1966
  • Ben E King - 10 November 1966
  • The Action - 23 September 1967 
Nick Warburton - 26/6/10

I lived in Macclesfield (now in the USA)and attended the wheel in the mid to late 60s with the crowd from Macc and Stockport. The post from Barry Worthington was interesting as I used to hang about with Paul Band and even went to school with him.

Some other lads that used to go to the allnighters from Macc were, Grasspatch, Keith Upton, Mick Weston, Mish Wood, Spud Taylor. Alas Paul died young from an overdose. Anyone remember any of them?

Dave Arnold - 14/7/10

I went to The Wheel and the Jigsaw club. The Wheel was way back in 67. My mates and I wore Pierre Cardin suits with twelve inch vents ! Used to spend all our wages on clothes and pills . I worked at the Openshaw Steelworks.Went to school in Ardwick (Chester Street)and secondary mod at Birley St in Beswick. I think it was called English Steel when I was an apprentice.

I'd go out an Saturday night(I lived in Ancoats just up from Redhill St, afew minutes from Wentworth Street)and not get home till late Sunday night-having been to Blackpool Winter Gardens for more pills and dancing.

Loved it ! Would do it all over again.(not the pills). Being 17 in 66 was fab. I had all the energy in the world. I even went to work on Monday-having been off my face all weekend. I'd even go climbing in the peaks,some weekends,with my friend Phil Ashton.

Life was fantastic and so was the music-I've got the Platters-"Only You", on now. Never grow tired of the music. The music got me into studying music and playing the trombone and cornet (badly !) When I've had a few drinks I drive the neighbours mad with Otis Redding and me on the cornet-what a bastard!

The scene did have a darker side.(I've erased this part of the post-thought better of it. In case I offend any relatives).Although I never experienced any trouble at the Wheel .There were some right bastards around-like out of Shameless,but worse. They never bothered me or my friends. Cartoon Head might have been hanging around ! (reference,"I Deal " -Johnny Vagus).

The Steelworks eventually made me and my mates redundant. We all buggered off to Newquay to work a season-and did basically the same down there.We were all the same age and all went to the Jigsaw and the Wheel. I lived in the back of a minivan for months in Newquay(you can do that when you're 19).

Nothing can beat the Wheel for the atmosphere and the music. The Jigsaw was pretty good but not as good as the Wheel. We used to drink in the Mitre pub -near the cathedral. Piccadilly Bus Station as well as the train station was where we met-all dressed up -real smart.

Ben Sherman shirts and 501s would be in the holdall-for wearing when going to Blackpool. Great days of youth and stupidity-but what times I had!
If the club is still going-then fantastic.

I will surely pay it a visit. Since moving to London, I've completely lost touch with my old mates from the 60s. I would love to see some of them again-if they are still alive. Well ? I'm just "Farther Up The Road"

(Bobby Bland)and a lot older . But still up for a clubbing night! Four days a week at the gym (stopping my tits from falling to my navel and my arse to my ankles )should see me through a gig at the club. Might bring my trombone! No, only kidding.

Keep up the good work on the site. Off now; to Notting Hill Carnival. 

Peter McEwen  - 30/8/10

Fantastic times at The Wheel 67-68. Know friends from loads of places - I too know Batman, Haggis, Swanny Sharpe and Swifty - the one I went on to marry.

We went from Sheffield and then came back to Sheffield Sunday and went to Baileys to carry on dancing. Will never forget those great weekends.

Jacky Swift - 30/8/10

Fantastic memories of Cona coffee bar/Mogambo/Aunty's kitchen/Jungfrau/the Mitre/Pop Inn/Oasis/Takis/Twisted Wheel/Stax sunday morning after the wheel all nighter.
Cha Cha the rasta at the Nile club/top of the town/Jigsaw/Princess club etc etc etc

Found this site and cannot believe how lucky we were to have experienced it all. Oh and the record shop on Tib Street.

George Konig - 11/11/10

Well, where have all of these memories come flooding back from?

I was a regular attender from 1965 to 1969, coming with many others from Stoke, dodging it on the train.

Yes the 'dark'side did really exist, but we were usually too blocked up to notice any negatives.
I remember many nights talking in the toilets to faces from Manc, Liverpool, Burnley and Stoke before sinking back into oblivion to recover for the next Fridays Golden Torch and Saturdays Twisted Wheel all night actions. WOW.

Steve Jackson (Jake) - 11/11/10

Most vivid memory of the Twisted Wheel was going to the bar upstairs and standing next to stevie winwood!!so exited nearly fainted, but was only 15 at the time!

Went to many allnighters at Whitworth St Ben E King, Lee Dorsey, Edwin Star to name but a few. Memories are quite vague now but remember being in trouble every sunday, hiding behind the paper having a sleep,well was staying at a friends!!

Good times.progressed from mod to hippie everthing thing went a bit fuzzy then!! Still like to listen to the music tho, brings back happy memories, glad so many people still remember....

Deborah Davers - 13/11/10

My first experience of the Twisted Wheel was in the mid 60's - a guy I'd met asked if I'd like to go to The Twisted Wheel Club in Manchester. Since I'd spent most evenings in places such as Chez Fred's, the Sinking Ship, the Masque, etc. (all in Stockport) this sounded like a very upmarket place at the time. 

So I went out shopping and bought a lovely white suit (jacket and skirt), put my bell-bottoms with the bells up the side back in my wardrobe, together with my psychedelic jacket, and trotted off to Manchester. 

Well - can you imagine my horror at walking into this Club dressed like a 60's barbie doll when everyone there was either "mod-ified" or "hippie-fied". I wanted the floor to swallow me up.

Anyway, it soon became a regular weekend haunt - and I even had a brief fling with a DJ there (a guy called Paul)- didn't get to know his second name (that's how brief it was!) The all-nighters were mad. I never understood how the bands could play for so many hours on end.

If I wasn't staying all night I would drive into town on my psychedelic scooter ..... that proved to be a real man-magnet!!! I remember coming out of the record shop one day to find a note from Ugli Ray Teret (the DJ) saying he'd seen me park my scooter and would like to get to know me - and he left me his address and phone number. 

As it happens, Ray and Eric Stewart of 10CC were busy renovating what was to become Strawberry Recording Studios in Stockport at that time - and I lived a few yards away from the Studio - so I used to pop round and make cups of tea for "the workers". 

Happy days. Where did my youth go????? I MISS IT A LOT.

Joanie Thompson - 30/11/10

I was a member from??? 63 at the original site, then when they moved down by the copshop ?? I think that I went until 66?? must have been that year because I, like many mods at the time, discovered acid 67 and left my mohair suits behind. 

The love of the music is still with me, I have loads that I regularly play. Two notes into "Going to A Go-Go", my head fills up with Prellies and I can almost taste it. Long live Stax, Atlantic and early Motown, (pre Jackson 5 shite). 

I was one of the Hope Hall crowd from Liverpool, our routine was The Hope on Friday night, when some of the Manchester crowd came over. 

Saturday we travel to The Wheel, Manchester for the all-nighter, rattling from the Prellies, Dex and Bombers. 

Sunday it was either The Wheel at Blackpool or Hilbre Island, in the Dee Estuary, to get a bronzy and come-down with a few spliffs. 

Winter was different of course, in fact, winter Sundays used to put the 'DOWN' in 'comedown'. We'd sometimes go to the Jigsaw then but it was always a pale imitation of The Wheel. 

Oh yeah, the greasey spoon ??? near the old train station??? The Names have been robbed by the Time Bandit! 

Great Times though I lost a few back teeth which were rotted by pills and Tunes sucked to stop the cottonwool balls forming from yacking shite for hours when not dancing.

Russ Fitz, now of Nottingham. - 10/12/10

In the 1960s my husband used to be manager and 'roadie' for a group called Mort Draygon and the Diamonds, and they occasionally used to play at the Twisted Wheel on a Saturday night, on the nights when they weren't at Pete Stringfellows Mojo in Sheffield.

Daphne Murphy - 19/12/10

In reply to Cary Butterworth - she is right. The Rolling Stones were on at the Oasis, Bill Wyman and Brian Jones came into the Wheel - I think it was a wednesday night. They asked why we didn't go to see them, but the Oasis Club would not let us in because of our long hair and hippy looks.

Happy days Cary.

Peter Byrne - 29/1/11

My friends & I used to frequent the Wheel a lot. Remember the pass-outs? When you could get a pass-out and then return another night (making sure you knew which pass-out was valid that night) and get in the club for free with it (if you were lucky enough to have the same pass-out ..... they rotated them nightly). 

Didn't go to the all nighters but knew people who did. Went to both sites (Brazennose St & Whitworth St) - remember one night the police (as they were only over the road) came in to find someone - walking through the club looking at everyones faces. GOOD TIMES. 

A bloke I knew used to DJ there sometimes and I got a lot of my records from him. One record that always reminds me of the Wheel is LITTLE PIECE OF LEATHER and UPTIGHT. Everyone used to dance in a circle to UPTIGHT. Remember to coach trips to the Blackpool Wheel? 

Like I said before GOOD TIMES.

Yvonne - 12/11/11

My friend Marcy and I hitched up the M6 from Warwick every Saturday night to the Wheel all nighters. We rolled out of there at 7am Sunday morning, the daylight hurting our eyes!! We use to get a lift back to Warwick by a lorry driver who would wait for us at the beginning of the M6. Great times. Then back to Warwick, quick change and wash and off to Droitwich to a afternoon at the Chateau Impney......THEN... back to the Cavalier in Smith Street, Warwick. God, where did we get the energy from - no pills either.

Monica McGrath - 9/4/11

The record I mostly remember from my Twisted Wheel days (Brazenose St) is Dinner with Drac by John Zacerly. Also the R&B music at the all nighters and the groups which later became famous.

Sylvia Hughes - 27/4/11

It was amazing, how we found out about so much great music, the people we met and and the fashion,tuesday and thursday nights (Brazenose St).

The place used to be always packed, met some great people, r&b, Coasters, Marauders. Wwe learnt a lot about good solid music, the d.js, Bongo on Tuesday and Thursday, I think it was Roger on Wednesday. He played pure r&b from the delta.

Great time - how I miss those days. This site is brilliant for old teenagers like me - .thanks.

Peter Byrne - 26/5/11

l remember we missed the train from Sheffield & we were going to the wheel three of us Jean, Phil & me & it was l969 the weather was awful snowing, blowing a gale, but we were determined to get there so we decided to hitch.We ended up on the moors it was unbearable, when luckily a police cars stopped for us & offered to take us back & of course us nesh girls accepted the lift but Phil was undetered so we ended up in p/station with a hot drink & they even got us a taxi home, who said policemen arent nice. By the way he got to the Wheel & lived to tell the tale.

If you are by chance reading this do you remember, it was freezing but still great memories, wonder where you are now. 

Jacky Swift - 30/5/11

I used to frequent the Twisted Wheel in 1965/67, loved it. I met my husband there Tony Hayes, he was originally from Manchester and had moved to Liverpool.
We loved the "Wheel" and the music. He sadly died at the age of 35.

Does anybody remember H from Wythenshaw he was a great friend of Tony's would love to get in touch with him.

Clare Hayes - 6/6/11

For Clare Haynes - You mentioned 'H' from Wythenshawe. It could have been a guy I was friends with back then who I last saw when I was 40, I'm now 65, Ged Hobin. He could still be around.

Mike Dalton - 14/12/12 

I lived in Greenheys, on the edge of Moss Side, my friend lived in Chorlton, where I went to High School, we would meet up in Picadilly bus station, under the clock, and walk to the Wheel together. It was in about 1964 when we first began lying to our parents about where we were going, I even kept my club card (shaped like a wheel) pinned under a picture in my bedroom), I think we told our parents we were going to the school youth club. We also lied about our ages, to join the Wheel and become members - thank goodness for panstick make-up and long hair!!

I remember clearly both venues of the Wheel, to us, the Wheel was superior, it is where we Mods went, any other club was lesser and that was for the Mids. I remember the excitement as we decended into the club each Saturday night.

We picked up some great dances, saw some great people, including Long John Baldry, who seemed like a tower to my 5ft height, saw the Hollies, the Marauders, the Yardbirds.........I could go on listing, but we all know who performed there.

We did get to meet most of the groups because they wandered around chatting, none of that "I am a celebrity" attitude then.

We even managed to do one or two, of the All-Nighters, by lying to our parents about being at each others houses - no home phones in those days for parents to check up with each other. I do remember the pills on sale but I never had the money, besides, our extreme youth carried us through the night.

If Sue is reading this, do you remember us hiding in the ladies for ages because two blokes kept trying to carry us around the place (Sue was even shorter than my 5ft height)?

Happy days, happy Saturday nights, happy memories.....and my children would never believe the things I could tell them.......

Joy - 21/6/11

Judy from Stafford - you mention Little Dave from Levenshulme.That was probably an old friend of mine Dave Allen. I last saw him around 74, really into drugs by then. Nice bloke,but just went downhill .Hope he sorted himself out.

Mike Cooney - 21/7/11

I used to go to the allnighters, also went on a Friday and Sunday ... I remember Skenny Benny, John, Arthur Hinchcliffe, the twin girls (can't remember the names). I met Mavis there and where married later - also Dave Brockway(kinda posh to us) great fella though ... Ledge from Liverpool.

Fantasic years..even though Spencer used to stop and search us regulary.

Barrie George - 11/9/11

Me and my mate Brenda used to go to the Wheel from 1966 - 1969.

I was only 14 when I first went my parents would have gone mad if they knew where I'd gone. Saw loads of top bands there. Went to all nighters when I was 16 we used to tell our parents we were staying at each others house. Made friends their with people from all over the country the music and dancing gave us all a common interest, I still go to Northern Soul events with my mates.

The darker side of the all nighter scene was that drugs were prevalent, if you wanted them, I lost friends through overdose and some of my old friends are living with mental health problems related to excessive drug use.

I would love to hear from my old mates if they are still around, overall the years spent at the Wheel and other clubs and coffee bars in Manchester were great fun times!!

Elaine Sutherland - 2/10/11

Just found this site (must have been asleep for years)

Remember the Wheel from 63 to 64 at the first venue, The Rising Sun with the 2 doors and The Nags Head, saw Baldry, Hooker, Screaming Jay, Spencer Davis Group and many more at the all nighters.

The move to Whitworth Street in 64/65 again lots of top blues soul etc, Remember talking Yibberish to lots of people, Roger Eagle DJ who sadly died a few years ago and used to live in Chorlton.

God, so many names too many to mention, although I do remember Spencer and his side kick Plummer. Alan Spencer and Derek Plummer, Plummer was the little one we used to call them Laural and Hardy, Spencer was the big fat one and Plummer was the weed with spots and a big nose who lived near Hyde, saw him in a pub in Didsbury in the early 80s the place that did a cheese lunch with some one who was young enough to be his daughter. Bloody hell will have to stop rambling.

Yes, great days from my time 63 to 69. The amphets were top but the Duraphate gave you a bad come down. I used to on a Sunday morning pretend I was a train on Piccadilly or Victoria Station Chew Chew Chew. What a great web site 

Derek Rowbotham - 14/1/12

I used to go to the Wheel when I was a 16/17 apprentice from AEI in Trafford Park.

I used to go with Mike Sweeney, Dave Smith and a few others. I met a girl called Barbara Livsey who lived South of Manc - Bollin Walk Wilmslow, I think. She was a georgeous young blond girl. I would walk her back to Oxford St station and arrange our next meet. I went to work away and never saw her again.....Ahhh what fun we had.

The Animals 'Baby can I take/walk you home" I remember being played a lot.

Alan Pedder - 14/1/12

Working at the Midland Hotel as a trainee chef gave me plenty of time to get down to the wheel,thanks, largely to one of the chefs there called Steve Shanks.

Started at the Wheel in 63' to 65/66, great times, good friends even today - Dave Felthouse, Ed Carly, Paul Kearsley, Mart Toombs, the late Dave Smith. We were all from around Wilmslow, Bramhall, Cheadle.

Still listen to the Wheel music today ... so if anyone knows the names on there, try emailing me ... Great memories, didn't like Whitworth St.

Dave Burchett - 28/1/12

God I had so many great all nighters there with my mates Barry Tasker and Patrick Soye. The main one I remember was Ike n Tina Turner and Tina Turner asking me to get on the stage to dance with her!! I was too shy to do it!! 

Great times spent lots of money on black n reds etc... I was only 16 and used to go out of the house Friday nite till Sunday nite and my mam used to think I was sleeping with boys.

She never believed I'd been dancing for 2 days! Who could blame her. I remember the fashion of little vanity cases we all used to take with us for the all nighters. Great times indeed. 

Lorraine Cohen (nee Graham) - 28/1/12 

Long John Baldry signature in a copy of CENTRAL 1179 - The story of Manchesters Twisted Wheel Club by Keith Rylatt & Phil Scott - courtesy Geoff McCormick

I can't believe I've found this site and that the Wheel is still going. I used to go in the late 60's with my mate Kathy. We would get the train from Macc and there would usually be a few of us going into 'town' as Manchester was known in Macc.

We saw some great groups there. I remember seeing Geno Wahington and Georgie Fame. We would get the 11 07 train back to Macc and look enviously at the queue waiting for the all nighter with their airline bags ( very trendy at the time). We were never allowed to go to the all - nighters.

Great days and great memories. 

Margaret Massey - 12/2/12

How fantastic to discover this site. What memories ... I used to travel from Leeds via Sheffield. Saw the bands first in the Mogo,and then by scooter over the frezing Pennines to Mmanchester.just to do it all again ... what happy times.

I still love the music. What classic acts we saw and what a good education. Never any problems, fights, etc, .just people enjoying the music and the company, not that you could hear any conversation. 

Remember bringing the talcom powder to put on the floor so you could slide and glide and dance better - I won a few dancing comps. Wonderful days.

Cyndy, Leeds - 22/2/12

I was a regular at the Wheel from 1966 until just before it closed. I caught the X12 bus from Bradford, Yorks, along with another girl called Kathy. We very occasionally tried another all-nighter - Keighley Disc, Birdtrap, Plebs at Halifax etc but nothing ever lived up to the Wheel. Spent just about every weekend of my teenage years there. Saw many brilliant bands - too many to even mention!! The list would go on forever!! Then it was usually up to the Top 20 on Sunday morning after a bit more in the way of illegal substances. Always had plenty of gear, but only managed to get myself busted once!! Thought I'd done pretty well there!! LOL!!

All distant memories - very sensible & boring nowadays I'm afraid, although recently been getting back into the Northern Soul music scene.(no gear this time round!!) Reminds me of the good times I had as a teenager - kids now don't know what they're missing!!
Brilliant times - wish I could turn the clock back & do it all again!!!

Kath Magson - 4/3/12

What a time to be young - the newfound freedom you had owning a Lambretta, go anywhere you wanted - hiding it while you went to the all nighter, praying that the chrome had not been stolen again.

All that dancing and yibbering (must have been the pills), free tea in the morning as they tried to convert you into a more healthy lifestyle, then off to meet the other (faces) at the station and on to the next venue - the Boneyard or the Caroline Lounge as it was.

More yibbering or just drive round getting lost. Thank god for Wrigleys and energy. Then over to Bradford to pick up another suit length of tonic mohair for the latest suit made to measure by Harry Davis the tailer in Sale 12/6 ready for next weekend and another magical musical dance off and hopefully a female passenger to keep that seat warm.

The magic ended when they moved to Whitworth St.and then the scooter got sold . Great to know there were so many of us sharing that unique time and music ,,, and they didn't even sell alchohol 

If I could bring back time I would bring back THE WHEEL and THE PLAZA CAFE forget the pills.

Kit Ward - 7/3/12

Went to both Brazenose Street and Whitworth Street. I went there with my mate Val, on the 121 from Middleton. We were at many of the all nighters - I remember Steampacket with Rod"the mod", Baldry, Driscoll and Auger, tremendous. Charlie and Inez Foxx,"Mockingbird"great !Zoot Money, Georgie Fame and The Blue Flames Yeh Yeh!

Manchester's own Powerhouse,and St.Louis Union.The brilliant Chris Farlowe, check him out on You Tube October 2010 at the Wheel "Out Of Time", go there while you still can, see the TWISTED WHEEL FORUM for petition to save it.

The great and the good helped save the the 100 club so why not the Wheel?
End of rant,reminds me of bands and patrons from out of town like The Action,Jimmy James and the Vagabonds, Alexis Korner,visitors like Brian Jones and Bill Wyman,Keith Moon being jealous of our coats,saying "pony skins are in" Spencer Davis with his kids.I think Samantha Juste married Dolenz. I remember Mal Sereen and Ruth Sadler.

Maybe see you at the Wheel soon.

Moe and Len Hastings - 8/3/12

In those days I was a GPO apprentice engineer in Manchester and used to go to the original Wheel , Brazenose St.,'63 and '64.Many all- nighters, saw Sonny Boy, Alexis, Spencer, Animals, Long John/Rod, Yardbirds, John Mayal, plus many more excellent bands.The Sun and Nags Head round the corner were handy for refreshments. We rarely went to the Oasis as the music wasn't as good, plus they didn't like long hair! However , occasionally we would go to the all- nighters at the Heaven and Hell near just off Portland Street.Wild but classic times.

Frank Hough - 6/4/12

I used to work at J Haldens, shop in Albert Sq, Offices and Studios in Tasle Alley, one corner of the building on Brazenose St and the other on Tasle Alley, I used to go in The Wheel from first openening, it really was the place to go, I remember it as the Left Wing never followed when it moved.

Started to go in Oasis (queued well into Albert Sq to see the Beatles in 1963)and 3 Coins we got pass outs (stamps on your hand) to go into pubs on Queens St.

I remember there were entrances to the pubs on both streets. I think the Cona Coffee bar was there too, Albert Sq was buzzing then, lots of clubs around about, all none alcoholic, but the live music was the buzz!

Len Harte - 2/7/12

One night in the mid sixties we were in the Rising Sun, a pub next to the Wheel in Brazennose St. There was a drunken guy lying on the floor, in the doorway between to two rooms. The pub was heaving, but nobody bothered him until somebody ran in from the Wheel and woke him up saying "Come on you're on next".

It was Zoot Money. A few minutes later we were down the Wheel watching him on stage with the Big Roll Band, like a true professional. 

Frank Royle - 25/8/12

I have dim memories of a night in the Wheel, 1964 I think. Folk Festival of the Blues was on at the Free Trade Hall, Sleepy John Estes and Hammie Nixon stand out. Later in the Wheel we were treated to Sonny Boy Williamson backed by the Moody Blues. Superb night. Anyone else there?

Colin Muzik - 29/8/12

Reading some of these contributions really brings back great memories of the Twisted Wheel on Brazenose Street. I particularly remember the all-nighters and seeing Sonny Boy Williamson and John Mayall. I think it was at The Wheel that I also saw Long John Baldry and Georgie Fame. Saturday night at The Wheel was compulsory and I used to go with Barney, Mace, Tony Gibbons and Bill Blake all from Heaton Moor. We always met up with Bones, Tats, Bury John and Gypsy Dave Mills to name just a few. At dawn we would go to a cafe on Shudehill called, I think 'The Sovereign' it was up some steps and was very basic to say the least, but the brekky was good. Can anyone remember this place? I also seem to remember a club called The Spiders Web which I think was on Lloyd Street, but I could be wrong as I have never seen any mention of it anywhere, can anyone confirm its existence or is my exhausted mind playing tricks?

The Cona was a coffee bar on Tib Lane off Cross Street, always full of pseudo-intellectuals reciting poetry or reading the works of Kerouac et al, to an admiring assembly. Great times and fantastic memories, thanks to all for the reminders.

Chris Thorpe - 8/9/12

Unfortunately I never went to the Wheel in the 60's, (but did go to the Plebs in Halifax). I've read all the comments on this website and a lot of you obviously miss those times. I was at the Wheel last week and can assure you all it's alive and kicking.The atmosphere is electric and still has people who put there tunes and dancing first. I had the best time, it doesn't get any better. Oh, and they serve alcohol now.

Try it; it's like having your own personal Tardis. By the by does anyone remember a guy from Halifax named Graham Slater? 

John R Phelan - 15/9/12

I heard that Disco Tex and the Sexolettes were on at the Twisted Wheel so decided to go with a girlfriend. I was looking to learn more about soul music as well as have a good evening. We were disappointed to learn that they had cancelled. However, the management had found a new band to deputise. They were called Cream. The club was in a cellar and the stage was maybe two feet high. This was a problem for the singer – I think it was Long John Baldry - as he was 6 ft 7 inches. If it wasn’t him, it was someone very thin and very tall. He kept holding on to the ceiling! They were clearly very talented musicians but I do remember thinking that they were all doing their own thing and the music was raw and not as cohesive as it should have been. It was like you had to choose who to listen to rather than take the entire sound. I thought at the time that if they could work more closely together, they could go far whoever they were!

Does anyone know if this was their first gig? I know the place was nearly empty so I suppose I was privileged to get an almost personal performance!

Paul Morris - All Blacks - Innovation - Saffron - 20/9/12

I’ve just checked Wikipedia and the date of Cream’s appearance was 29 July 1966 at the Twisted Wheel. There is no mention of Long John Baldry or Disco Tex but I know that was what happened. I am pretty sure that Long John was the singer although I can’t find confirmation. It was a pure accident that I was there of course but Wikipedia described Cream as the world’s first supergroup. Long John passed away some seven years ago so it’s hard to confirm my memory but I can’t think who else it might have been as the chap was so tall he had to sing stooped!

If anyone has any more info, I would be interested.

Paul Morris - 21/9/12

Used to go Wheel 66/67/68 great times got a pass out to the white hart on the corner then went back feeling even better. One night sticks in my mind we were watching I am pretty certain it was J.J.Jackson and the lights (even the dimmed ones) failed completely. Naturally the guy was black and he had a black suit on with a bright white shirt. All you could see was this white shirt dancing about on the stage everything else was pitch black and couldn't be seen. Shows what state I was in could not stop laughing and always stuck in my mind. Great times.

Dave Greer - 27/10/12

I can't believe this. Someone who actually remembers 'The Left Wing Club'! A succession of cellars full of beatniks. Amazing! Aye, there's still a few left.

Nigel Hand - 27/10/12

I grew up in Wythenshawe on Brooklands Estate. I went to the Wheel on Saturday nights with my boyfriend "Biffo" Brian Fernley in 1966 when I was 15, (he had a car.) I remember a lot of Tamla Motown tunes, and saw Julie Driscol, Ike and Tina, Temptations, Four Tops, and loads of others, but the best group I ever saw was "Cream." Eric Clapton is "God"....LOL. 

I loved the local boys in their mohair suits, and those jacket vents, OMG!!! For me it was the Locano in Sale on Thursdays and the Wheel on Saturday night. We would dance like crazy all night looking like Twiggy in our mini skirts, and Vidal Sasoon haircuts. I also went to the Temple in Woodhouse Park if anyone remembers that place. I sneaked out a couple of times for All Nighters, but it was hard trying to explain to my mum why I was so knackered the next day, so that didn't happen often. My best friend was June Blayney. 

I now live in Atlanta, Georgia. I am so surprised how many of us left England and settled abroad. The Wheel was a real education.... My kids didn't do half the S*#t I did as teenagers, and are shocked when I tell them some of the stories of the nights at the Wheel back in the day..Hahaha.

Gina Ashton - 14/11/12

I first discovered the Twisted Wheel in 1962 when I started college in Manchester. I'd been to an all girls' grammar school in Stockport and going into Manchester every day was a huge excitement for me and the start of my new found freedom. 

I never went there in the evenings - my father would not have allowed it - but we used to spend several lunchtimes there a week, alternating between the Oasis and I think it was called the Piccadilly Plaza (where Jimmy Savile was the resident DJ). It was sixpence to go at lunchtime and a lot of groups would practice there - especially the Hollies but also Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders. One day I saw John Lennon and George Harrison there ejoying a cup of coffee and I got their autographs, but alas over the years I seem to have mislaid them.

We also hung out at the Cona Coffee Bar - I wore a duffle coat and a CND badge, but I was never quite sure what that was all about. Pseuds corner!

Ros Lewis - 23/11/12

Just read that The Twisted Wheel is to be demolished in 2013 for a budget hotel.

Personally I feel that this is an appalling decision by Manchester City Council. The Wheel is Manchester's equivalent of The Cavern, gave birth to Northern Soul and attracted some of the greatest Soul artists of the time.

I was a regular from 1967-69 and was also there on the very last night Jan. 30th 1971 (my birthday).

My memories are mostly of the multitudes that travelled from all over the UK for the all-nighters, the atmosphere, the friendships and of course the music.

Yes there were some bad people but given the no alcohol licence and the copious quantities of amphets (dex, blueys, daps, bombers) consumed there was never any trouble in the club - something the police might have taken more notice of as they were breaking up alcohol-fuelled fights around the city, mopping up the blood and carting vomit-stained drunks off to the cells! The last night is to be New Years Eve 2012, will try hard to be there.

So many great memories and for me a time in my life like no other.

Paul McLaughlin - 30/12/12

A constant visitor on Saturdays in the late sixties the Wheel introduced us all to music that changed my tastes for the rest of my life. Recently I discovered a box in the attic containing a pile of my membership cards, embarrassing photos and a pile vinyl topped by Oscar Toney Jr. All I need now is a turntable.

Certain music still drags me back. One tune in particular takes me straight to the sloping ash area out back on a frozen Manchester morning as we left. Recently given what is supposed to be "Northern Soul" CD. That's not the magic that bounced off the walls at the Wheel.

Gwyn Gapper - 12/1/13

Very fond memories of what was the greatest club in Manchester. We used to get the train down from Shaw, all nighter at " the wheel" then up to the Top 20 in Hollinwood for the sunday morning session - happy days :-)

Ian Farrington - 19/1/13

In the early sixties a mate Howie Lees told me about a great club he had recently been to.

My curiosity aroused, I found myself alone outside the Twisted Wheel, not being so confident back then and walking back and forth outside wondering if I dare go down the steps, the doorman (bouncer) shouted "Either come in or p**s off"I didnt p**s off and it changed my life.

I couldn't believe how friendly people were in the Wheel.

After this I couldn't stay away had so many great nights there,made so many friends,saw so many bands Gutted when it finaly closed, but still couldnt stay away to the event I and some friends leaned heavely on the door and spent hours wandering around the now deserted club.

Pete Cartner - 8/6/13

I went to an all-nighter in 1966 with my friend Linda. When I went to the "ladies room" a girl followed me. She asked me if things were serious with my "boyfriend" because her friend had been watching him all night and was madly in love with him.

That made me smile because Linda was female ... easy mistake to make though because she was a dead-ringer for David Bowie ... same hairdo, same make-up. Could have fancied her myself if I hadn't known better! 

Joanna Egleton - 2/9/13

Love reading through the letters and all the memories from the wheel,63/66,who remembers the last night at the Wheel when the cops came charging in..*LOL*never seen so many pills hit the floor,mine included, loved those blocked up days.

Dave Burchett - 2/9/13

Don't get twisted in the Wheel.
I guess you know the way it feels
Some say "It's a lucky day
Some folks say "just stay away
And don't get twisted in the Wheel".

Many fond memories of many nights and many beautiful (and some shady)people Twisted Wheel !966 - 67. Loved it.

Jeff Goss - 2/9/13

Remember great nights at the old Twisted Wheel - Spencer Davis, Long John Baldry, Zoot Money, Fame etc etc.

Fantastic live music (where has it gone!) I was only 15 and had to hitch to Manchester from Rossendale (pretending to stay at my uncles flat in Whitefield). My parents would have gone mad if they had known what we got up to! The all nighters were fantastic great atmosphere and great bands. I remember two of the Rolling Stones coming down and joining the audience to watch a fantastic drum solo by Ginger Baker (I think he ended up running a recording studio in S. Africa). We and they were blown away by this guys drumming - he was a legend.

Still love R+B and surprisingly my son John now in his 30s also got the R+B bug. Great music lives on!!.Remember Rod Stewart singing stormy Monday (badly!) with Long John Baldry's band.

Great times where did they go!

Pete Sansom - 23/10/13

I went to a few overnighters in the middle 60's ,67/68 (I think ) and saw loads of bands Edwin Starr, Ben E King , Gino Washington to name a few. We used to get the train from Stafford on Saturday afternoons and take with us our BEA bags!! , some of the people that went were Graham Clay, Dave Thacker, Rob Brown Taff Davies, lost touch many many years ago, we also met a couple of Manc lads and one I think came to live and work in Stafford not sure where they all are now. Seeing the post from Judy from Stafford and her mate from Telford reminds me we also used to go to a club in Wellington underneath a Bakery called Smiths I think Happy days of long ago.

Frank Rhodes (in Birmingham for 30 years ) - 26/10/13

Since Phil and I wrote the book about the Club some 15 years ago, so many photos and stories have come to light that would of course have been good to feature in there. But we can't complain, the book did it's job and that was to awaken memories about that great place and ensure it was never forgotten.

We had letters from as far a field as Canada and Australia and one lady now residing in London said that it gave her goose bumps when she read it and she was able then to prove to her kids that the great times there were real.

Keith Rylatt, Maidstone. - 30/10/13

I am from Peel Green, Eccles. and have now been living in Australia since 1971 Hobart Tasmania is now my home (The little Island under Melbourne, Victoria.)

Just wanted to say that in most of these Web Sites the indication is that The Wheel at Brasenose Street was nothing compared to Whitworth Street.
This is incorrect. The Original was the power house. When Whitwoth Street opened it was only secondary to Brasenose Street.

To mention one, go no further than John Mayalls Blues Breakers. All these passed through this band on their way to Star Status. Keef Relf (Yardbirds) Clapton. Jinmmy Page. Mick Taylor, Jeff Beck, and more.

Then throw in Spencer Davis Band. Cyril Davis Blues Train. Alexis Korner.
Pretty Things. Yardbirds with Relf, Page and Beck. Graham Bond Organisation with Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce. Victor Brox Blues Band. The Steam Packet, The Small Faces and many many more I can't remember.

Also remembered here are the two Pubs The Rising Sun and The Nags Head.

Great Times!!!! Anybody remember, The Birds, and The Downliners Sect.
I stood in front of The Who At Whitworth Street in the week My Generation was released.

To Quote The Kinks ..... Where have all the Good Times Gone.

Graham Westall - Hobart, Tasmania, Australia - 3/11/13

Best times of my life at the Wheel, it was brilliant, really good memories, always dancing. In the arch corridor used to go down there nearly every week in 68/69. I'd love to get in touch with Brian Mcnearn from Selby, Malc Paton from Barrow and Joyce Mayale from Bury to talk about the good times we had at the Twisted Wheel in 68/69. Blue then green membership cards

Alan Gilhooley (Gill from Widnes) - 15/11/13

My name is Keith Seville, just spotted this site and comments from Dave(Chas) Arnold from Macclesfield who now lives in the USA.

Yes mate I remember you and the lads you mentioned. Me and chas knocked around for a while going to the Wheel all nighters and having various scrapes along the way He will be interested to know I have a pint with Brooker from Stockport as well.

Chas if you want to make contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Does anyone remember Tony Nelson from Levenshulme a massive Contours fan? 

Keith Seville - 30/12/13

I used to go to the all-nighters with my boyfriend Dave Berg, from Liverpool. We were mods and he had a scooter, so we thought we were the bees knees. I remember seeing Ike and Tina Turner amongst others. Good times!

Iris - 12/1/14 

I suppose I was one of the "darker sides" of the Wheel. I screwed chemists for the ":gear".There were a little gang of us from Wythenshawe, Syksie, Muzz and Johnnie Kean who screwed at least one "chemo"/week. The tablets were one shilling each and the capsules/spancials two shillings. The best time of my life! I would do it all again, including the 3 years I got for my escapades. I am now a teacher in rural Thailand. The Top Twenty in Hollinwood was also an all-nighter. The d.j. was a guy called Clarence.

James Carr (Whiteshoes) - 2/3/14
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