Reno Club The Reno Club (Princess Road Moss Side, next door to the Nile Club)

The Reno was awesome, if a bit intimidating as a young lad from out of the immediate area! Fortunately I had a family cnnection to the DJ and all round influential character the scene who was called Persian. Great tunes and rum n cokes, maybe a trip to Banjo's shebeen on Cheetham Hill on the way home....

Salford Lad - 4/6/11

Got introduced to this club and the Nile by my mate Dave Ridsdale.A very basic place with no frills but the music was brilliant. More than the standard Atlantic or Motown stuff, real old blues and reggae and some calypso.Never felt out of place despite being white,and I could actually talk about the music without being considered a bit odd. Dave knew a bloke called Junior Thompson,who was in a band, only met him myself a couple of times.

I got very friendly with a little Nigerian bloke,Ansell.Worked with him for a while in Stretford,can't remember the name of the firm. He was a welder. Sometimes went in the Clarence.

Mike Cooney - 21/7/11






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