The Nile Club (The Nile Club Princess Road, Moss Side)


Know where it was - next to the Wycliffe Cinema and close to a great double fronted shop where I bought all my Wranglers and Ben Sherman shirts - but never went in.

Also opposite the Sports shop where I bought my model railway stuff!

"This is the place where I first heard live African bands. Absolutely amazing stuff. The Nile,along with the Reno, the Bengwema, the great Barry Fredericks Sheebeens, the Capitol and many smaller clubs in Moss Side were the most popular late night joints in the city.

Pop stars, actors and actresses, bent cops, pimps, drug dealers, ponces and the rest of the night people all were regulars in Moss side in those days. "

"It was great to see that photo of the Nile club in Moss Side. I played drums there on and off, with the resident band around 1960/61. I cant remember any names except a conga player called Bisi Balo (who I gave trap drum lessons to and he conga lessons to me). There was a sax player and a guitarist. It was very exciting for a 20 year old , as I was then, playing with African musicians.

The club, up rickety stairs, was hot and steamy and often there were fights, with beer bottles flying but the band always played on!

I also played at the Reno club next door in a basement, which was West Indian. Happy memories!"

Hughie Flint

Remember the place well. Just got married in 1965 and lived above the Sports Depot opposite where our lounge faced the club. Mr Sonny (to you) called into the shop regularly flanked by two heavies to buy dozens of packs of playing cards for his shabeen. My wife remembers him well being the politest guy whe's ever met, always tipping his ever present hat whenever they met in the street. 

The double fronted mens shop next to the Wycliffe cinema was called Barry's. Mescki's the ice cream shop followed by Dickson's the ironmongers who closed up in 1981 after the riots. Happy Daze

Ian Murray - 7/1/12

I played resident here on bass around 1960.  I remember the guy who owned/ran it was called Sonny. He was killed outside the club in the early hours by a guy who had lost a game of cards with him. We never went back after that but it was a great place to learn about life and music.

Mike Gillett

We would stop into the Edinburgh for a drink as the Moss side carnival was in flow. It had a large floor area, apparently there were sometimes boxing matches and certainly there were strippers. One such stripper lived in a happy household on Swinbourne Grove in Withington, I was bedazzled by her occupation but it didn't enter our conversation.

Another member of that house was Casey o'Shea (?) He suffered the indignity of having his shoes stolen as he was mugged in the toilets of the Reno - poor Casey, a big character, died last century.

Roger Baker - 10/1/09

I remember this and the Reno very well, the smell of rangoon and other proper stuff, the pool tables, the place used to jump to big 18" bass bins pumping out music you never heard before, the bar only sold bottles of guiness, yep it was sweaty and rough but if you minded your own business you would be OK, I had a lot of fun in there, always back to some shabeen in a basement at 5am!!

Phil Platt - 23/3/09

I can remember going to the Nile, with my friend when I was 18. I remember it was dark, and you couldn't always actually see who was tuggin at your arm, and mumbling something in your ear. And you couldn't really hear, cos of the sound, but the jist of it was "Do you want to dance".

I have great memories of that club, it's where I met my sons dad, over 30 years ago. Good times.

Christine Hughes - 5/2/12

Is that the Ian Murry who lived above the Sports Depot and also worked on the sports counter? If so get in touch. I worked there 1970-72. I remember Joe and Billy Millward - happy times.

Steve Morrin - 7/3/12

My dad was Sunny. He used to own the Nile Club and was murdered outside there in 1975. The club was on the top floor when I was a kid.

I used to have to go there every day after school with my brother to clean the bottles of drink before putting them on the shelves behind the bar.

There was always some live gig going on at the club which I used to try and stay and catch. I remember singers and dancers and magicians etc during the day practicing their routines. Even Elkie Brookes was there one time. Romor has it that Muhamed Ali even visited there on night. I never saw that cos I was too young and was in my bed.

Maraizu - 12/6/13

I lived on Denmark Rd, close to the Nile Club. Wycliff Cinema was next door to the club. Went in a few times - hell off a place, beer bottles flying everywhere. Music was good, I was a teddy boy, so called, did all the local dance halls. Did a bit off singing local Palais, good days.

Tony Austin - 2/9/13

The last "version" of "Oliver's Twist" was the Nile's resident band for most of 1969.

It was a great vibe, all the local West Indian musicians used to pull in & jam with us; especially the guys from "Soul Staxx", who were the top soul band at the time. Their sax player - Stan Nelson & his wife taught me how to stop "dancing like a white guy" & how to move with the rhythm of the music.

It was a rough & tough place, but we had total protection from the main drug dealer, because we used to let his younger brother Albert sing a few songs with us. Great memories!

Dave Tommins - 2/9/13

I remember one night in the Nile Club we had a good night at Belle Vue dogs. So my brother-in-law sugested we go to the Nile Club.

You couldn't see a hand in front of you. We had Newcastle Browns at £1 a bottle in the 60s! When I got back to the table, he picked up 2 ladies. He gave one £20 to go to the bar for drinks - no change back. Same again - £20. I followed her to the bar - she bought the drinks and one for the barman. She was about to put the change in her bra, when I grabbed it. She wasn't very pleased.

I told my brother-in-law "I'm off" and he said "Stay and have a good time with the girls". Five mins later and and I'm off. I went downstairs and there was a taxi sitting in the shop window.  First thing he said was "Have you any money?"."Yes, get the wheels moving!".

The next I saw my brother-in-law he had 2 black eyes and a broken leg. They mugged him and all his money was gone. I was glad I went when I did.

Andrew Wilson - 21/9/13





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