Hill Stores (Oldham)

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"I lived about 1/2 mile from it. We had Geno Washington and the Ram Jam Band there for our school 6th form annual dance, must have been about 1967."

David Lees, Wimbledon

"I was in a regular band in 1957 to 1960, who played at the Hill Stores on a saturday evening , after playing at the oldham hotel regular 4 nights a week My group was the Cruisers.

Pubs shut at 10pm and we were on stage at 10-45, and had to be members of the musicians union.
You were not allowed entry to Hill stores after 10pm, unless you had been in earlier and gone out, then you got your wrist stamped with 'pass out' on it".

Steve Jones

Back in 1962 Springhead Youth Club booked the Karl Denver trio to appear there. Unfortunately Karl failed to turn up, so the second string act had to play all night - the band were Ricky & Dane Young and the Hollies!!

Dave Ball - 13/1/10

Friday 15th February 1963 Springhead Youth Club booked Emile Ford and The Checkmates alongside The Hollies - It was a great night!

Gordon Ripley - 11/2/11

Remember going to Hill Stores in 1965/1966 to see Kris Ryan & the Questions & he really brought the girls in as he was quite good looking.You had to have your hand stamped to go out for a pint as only soft drinks were on sale.

Also remember Billingtons in Oldham centre: small, packed dead tight & menacing! All such a long time ago now!

Remember taking my girl friend (now my wife) to Hill stores & got my best mate (who she,d not met yet) to ask her for a dance while I nipped out, to see her reaction. I came back to see them chatting away & dancing & felt a bit miffed. Asked her about it recently & she couldn't remember it.

Pete Scanlon - 28/4/13

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