The Carlton (Rochdale)

My group, The Don Juan Five played twice at the Carlton. The second visit was memorable as, for the only time in the groups career, the girl fans in the audience succeeded in avoiding the bouncers and dragged bass guitarist Jim Murray and myself (on rhythm guitar) off the stage. The amusing thing about the incident, however, was that, once they had got us off, they hadn't a clue what to do with us, so they just lifted us both back onto the stage. We carried on playing all the time! This was the venue with the wonderful revolving stage. As one group played themselves off, the stage was revolved and the new group played thgemselves on. Really professional.

We shared that second gig with The Cymerons - a really great band, who should have got a lot further than they actually did.

Dave Ball - 09/03/10

I played bass guitar in a group called The MI5 and we played at The Carlton 2 or 3 times. I particularly remember the revolving stage.

We used to open with The Shadows number, The Savage, because it starts with drums, then bass, then rhythm and lead. So it was great to start with drums whilst still at the back of the stage and then continuing the intro as the stage revolved.

John Goodson - 18/12/10


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