The Lower Chamber Club (Cellars, Town Hall, Rochdale)

The club was located under the town hall at Rochdale. The atmosphere was a bit like the cavern - low ceiling made up arched ceilings and different rooms. Ron The One (alias Rony King) was was resident DJ at the club from 1963 - 1968.


"I can remember queueing for hours to pay two bob to get a membership card; It used to be two bob to get in too. It used to be packed and played all the old motown and records from the trojan and stax labels.

I've got some great memories - standing on the steps and waiting to get in, especially on Christmas Eve - the dancing and the crowded toilet (guys & Dolls). It all sounds a bit corny now but it was THE place to go, especially for the music. Dancing to Booker T and the MG's and Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs' 'Woolly Bully'. Yep those were the days!!!"

Jean Rawlinson - 2010

Having read the newspaper articles and the "it was the place to be".  Rubbish, I never went there because I was a Mod and we all went to the CubiKlub. The Lower Chambers was not considered with it at all. That should stir things up a bit!!

June Blackstone now Chester  - 1/1/13

I didn't notice any difference in the clientel of any of the celler clubs they all got packed and had great atmospheres, the Lower Chambers was no exeption. i have good memories of gigging there with The Travellers on a number of occasions.

Dave Brierley - 4/1/13

OK, but not a touch on the real thing at the Kubi, and Cavern, (more for youth club kids), as was Turner's short lived attempt at a pop club!  Another boring joint was the Masque - OK for a coffee / coke and a VERY runny candle!.

Nigel Wilson - 10/1/14
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