Medici Coffee Bar (Rochdale)

The first coffee bar to be opened in Rochdale by Rene Carr - approx 1961.

Remained for approx three years before Mike Carr opened the Three Cellars Beat Club in Milnrow, then the Tender Trap Beat Club in Bacup and the Masque coffee bar on College bank near the Rochdale Town centre and later the 'Sinking Ship'.

The stories of 'Mike's' escapades are legendry and may shortly be available in a series of books written about the town in the 1950s and 60s.

The 'Carr's' originated from the Liverpool area and were like a breath of fresh air to Rochdale with their lively 'devil may care' up to the minute modern attitudes to the younger end and a plague on the austerities of the post war years. It wasn't fashionable to be 'with it' to the powers that be who then resided in our fair Lancashire valley.

Renee and her son Michael snubbed their Dickensian attitudes and ploughed ahead - after all they knew who had the money and what they liked - that was us, we of the long hair and lively minds.

What a ball.

Ray Sanderson - 27/8/09


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