Pyramid Club (Rochdale)

 rochdale pyramid

The club site in 2004

My stepfather used to have this building. He ran the "Perfect School of Motoring" from the same building,

I remember the groups that used to play there. I used to be allowed to sit at the entrance handing out tickets to people as they came in. Ii also used to get signed pics of the artist but sadly they got nicked by the removal chaps on the way to oz.

Bob Hughes

Remember this well - down in the celler lots of different rooms, very dark and dinghy.but live groups and wasnt that noisy ...a sort of poor mans kubiclub. I spent several nights there but it never really took off as there was nearly always trouble .. more of a rockers club than anything.

Graham Pilkington

I paid 10 shillings to see The Kinks there. I got right at the front and stood opposite Dave Davies when they came on stage.

Susan Bowe - 5/8/13





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