The Black Lion (Salford)

I remember going to the Black Lion in Salford in the sixties every Saturday night to listen to Zenith Six jazzband. I think it was Keith Pendlebury.

Very boozy, tables swimming with beer. Very noisy. Great nights. Great memories.

Allen Holmes - 23/11/12

Almost spit a mouthful of Brown Basstard (bottom half Bass, top half Newc Brown) into my keyboard after seeing the Black Lion listed here.

Was working at the Salford City Reporter 1965/66 and interviewed the much-traveled Joe Silmon of the superb Zenith Six trad jazz band, who were resident at the Black Lion. Great lunch of sandwiches and beer (on expenses ... perfect!) at the Town Hall Tavern, off Albert Square, Manchester, while hearing some of Joe's escapades. The man can tell a story.

(He can also write ... google "Joe Silmon: The Making, Breaking and Repair of a British Jazzman" for a 2005 piece from "Just Jazz" magazine with a myriad memories of the jazz trenches plus photos - the Thatched House, Manchester; Manchester Sports Guild; Tommy Ducks; Victoria Station - honest!)

Spent several memorable Saturday nights upstairs at the Black Lion with girlfriend Mary Quinlan, Reporter staff photog Eric Willoughby and a succession of his delectable "birds," as Joe, his compadres and vocalist Marcia McConnell tore the walls down. Those were the days, my friend ...

Jack Grimshaw, - Dana Point, Southern California - 25/7/13


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