Alma Lodge (Stockport Road, Stockport)


I used to go to the Alma on Sunday nights. My mate Dave Faversham was the dj. He used to dj at the Bamboo, Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday (I think) and Sunday at the Alma. I even covered for him on the odd occasion when he was double booked.

I used to help the bar staff (Val and friends) collecting glasses, which gave me access to a few pints of double diamond, how did I drink that stuff?

And after the gig, we would head down to Stockport centre for a chinese or frothy coffee in Caprecios cafe.

The "lodge" was just a disco, but it used to finish the week off nicely. Adios

Dave Moore = La Marina, Spain - 15/6/10 

I used to go there on a Sunday night. Dave Smith was glass collector and bouncer. Peter Swindell was involved in the organisation and was a friend of my sister. For a few weeks I spun the records between the bands sessions. I was great friends with Dave Moore who has sent a comment and also DJ Dave Faversham. Like them I used to go to the Bamboo club on other nights.

Like Dave Moore said, how did we put up with Double Diamond or Watneys Red Barrel. I think my appreciation of beer is inversly proportional to my reduction in hair.

Dave Hamer (now Oxfordshire) - 24/12/13


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