Chez Fred's Coffee Bar (Wellington Road, Stockport)

Does anyone remember Chez Fred's coffee bar on Wellington Road, Stockport (near the cemetery)? 

It was owned by an English guy (could have been called Fred - I was never sure) and his pretty blonde Swedish wife. It was THE place for all us MODS to congregate on our scooters. 

It was the very first coffee bar I ever went to - remember people such as Jim "Fifi" Phelan and his mate Steve (not sure of surname), Derek Wilson, Warwick "Woz" Davies, Sue Little, Sue Edge (who later married Pete Casson), Richard Burke, Paul Sutherland, Ian Hannay (who was tragically killed while in his teens), Mick Noble, Paul Rogers, Mick "Tug" Wilson (who married my friend Linda), Robin Dawson, Gill Rimmer, Eric the Ungodly, Eric the Unwashed, Ming, Lemmy ... surely somebody out there remembers Chez Fred's ... not to mention all the parties we had??!!!!!!!! 

It was THE BEST!!!!!

Joanie Thompson - 6/12/10

I well remember two of the venues mentioned in Stockport.

Chez Fred's coffee bar was the very first 'grown up' place I ever went to. We'd buy one bottle of coke each and stay there all evening. The downstairs was painted black and had hard wooden benches round the walls and we used to listen to music and dance. I well remember Fifi as my friend had a massive crush on him and in the end got warned off by his then girlfriend when we went to the Masque one night. The mate I remember him hanging around with was known as Toddy.

The Masque opened quite a bit later and was on Chestergate as previously mentioned, down near where the bus station is now.
I don't remember ever seeing groups there, it was so small down in the cellar, but once or twice they had a couple of guys with guitars who playe folk music and were really good.

As you went in the front door, there was a window on the left and a big window seat where everyong dumped their coats in a big heap, it's a wonder we ever got our own coats back at the end of the night!

The little bar along the lefthand side wall sold soft drinks and tea or coffee. I thought I was very sophisticated sipping my red hot Russian tea (black tea with a slice of lemon), something I'd never even heard of before.

The toilets were out the back in the yard, like someone else said, the Masque was just either one or two old terraced houses with back yards backing onto the River Mersey. 

Jen Barnes - 8/9/11

I somehow stumbled on this page, wow brought it all back! I well remember the masque and I do remember Fi - Jim Phelan from Stockport College. Went out with him for a while maybe I was the girlfriend that warned someone off!

I guess anyone that remembers the Masque is of a similar age. Walking around Stockport in the dead of night drinking in the pubs, scooters, parkers, all night parties that you walked miles to crash, everything as if it were yesterday. Toddy was definitely Fi's friend - remember them well. I guess we all look pretty different now but still mad I guess.

Mary - 9/2/13

Nice to be remembered! Still in touch with FiFi after all these years. Not met up with anyone else from Fred's - which was the first club I went to on a regular basis. Where is everyone nowadays?

Toddy - 25/4/13

I remember it well as my friend Trevor West & I were instrumental in opening it up downstairs.It was already established as a coffee bar & we were there one night & got into conversation saying the'mods'in Stockport did not have anywhere to hang out We were shown the cellar & suggested we could use that as a meeting place.We spread the word & soon it became a popular venue.

It was also next door to the Manor Lounge another popular club. From memory this must have been around 1963

Peter Fone - 23/6/13


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