St Paul's Youth Club, Walkden

In 1962 Walkden had few places for entertainment – Two cinemas and a coffee bar. Several of us asked the Vicar of the local church if we could use the Hall in the local school for a Sunday night youthclub. Permission was given provided that we had an adult to supervise.

The parent of two of our crowd, Mr Cyril Dyson agreed to take on the task. Cyril helped in raising funds for a record deck and amplifier and we were underway. Traditional Saturday nights previously had a “ Danceband “ playing but something new and up to date was needed. Cyril Dyson had some contacts with a “ Beat Group “ and they were booked for our first real Saturday Dance night.

The group, The Country Gents arrived and all the youth club attended with membership now about 100 in number.

The Group came on stage and we were all bowled over with the great music. We had never heard live music like it before.

The Youth club grew in numbers and other bands visited the club including Mike Cadillac & the Playboys.

The Youth Club also held “ Rockerama “ events at the Walkden Town Hall and for several years provided great entertainment for the 16+ of Walkden.

John S Neale  - 15th May 2008

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