Beech Lawn Club (Corner of Dudley Road and Russell Road, Whalley Range)

Someone out there must have heard of this place which I think was in Whalley Range. I have even asked people I thought I went there with but no one remembers.

I went at least twice (once on New Year's Eve) and it can only be described as a gangster's drinking den which had once been quite posh. There were rumours it was also a brothel downstairs and it is true there were a lot of doors there and one or two women who could have fitted the bill in shimmy-shimmy dresses.

Bob Cummings

The Beeach Lawn Club was on Beech Road, Whalley Range. It was a large house that had been one of many in the area built for rich Manchester business men. A group of us used to visit regularly on Thursday nights. Five of us in Hillman Minx (no breathalisers then!).

I never got any impression about any 'goings on' in the basement - it was just a place to get a late drink after the pubs closed - you could get a bar snack and the drinks weren't to pricey.

Most of these houses in Whalley Range are now student flats. 

Tom Bancroft


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