Clifton Grange Hotel - aka The Showbiz (Upper Chorlton Rd or corner of Wellington Rd, Whalley Range) 

I never knew it as The Clifton Grange or the Showbiz, it was always just 'The Biz'

My friends in 70s cabaret band Garden Oddesey stayed there -Chris Smith, Pete Ball ,Dave Dale and 2 Toronto based vocalists called Roy and Percy.

The landlady was a Dubliner called Phylomenna, Phyll's claim to fame was that the was the mother of the great Phil Lynott.

She had pictures of Phil on the walls on the snooker room.

Leo Blottib - 13/2/09

Phylis's was wonderful !!! We often finished up there in the early hours, sometimes after a steak at the auto club....(if we were flush)...You would get an amazing mix of clientele there... George Best, Granada tv staff, Coronation St actors, groups, hookers, policemen, burglars, etc etc....Happy days !!!!

Rob Parkes - 11/3/09

I will always have a special place in my soul for Phil & his dear mother Philomena.

Robert R.Wonegeshik Jr. - 3/4/12

I new "The Biz" but never stayed there, We used to "Dig" at "Ma Tipping's" about 100 yards up the road from the "Biz". The last time I stayed there is a long time ago. We remember watching Prince Charles' Inauguration as Prince of Wales on telly there. Ma Tipping was a big German woman very strict, but with a heart of gold.

Tony Garcia - 18/2/13

Clifton Grange Hotel
Lyrics by Phil Lynott, from Thin Lizzy's debut album

Pack up your bags
Leave family society
Oh come with me
Where they treat you well

At the door
Old Lou the jew
Will welcome you
In the corner lies the hotel

At this refuge of mercy
Head of the table
King of laughter

And if you speak too much
In company
You`ll soon be heard
By that mynah bird and whiskey

At the top
You`ll find another brother
Go ask my mother
She knows them all very well...hotel

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