Club Creole - Rex Ballroom (Wilmslow)

The Club Creole was in The Rex Ballroom at 23-25 Alderley Road, Wilmslow, Cheshire and opened on Saturday, March 17, 1956.
The Rex Ballroom had opened on Thursday, October 15, 1936 with Errol Flynn in the film 'Captain Blood.'

Built in 1936, it was the brainchild of a developer with a passion for entertainment Walter Stansby. It was built and operated by the Stansby family.

The Club Creole was managed in the 60's by Norman Roberts (b. d. 2010). Advertised in The Manchester Evening News of Wednesday, March 15, 1961 as Members' Notice. Club Creole, Rex Ballroom, Wilmslow. This Friday. Our 7th Birthday Party . Mike Peters' Florida Jazz Band. With Johnny Silvo. N.B.-Sunday, Pete Hartigan's Jazzmen. The clubs' D.J.'s were Ian Hamilton, Times Ravesville and D.J. Bill. 

"Kirk Daniels and The Deltas (Graham Nash and Allan Clarke). Country Gents, Johnny Martin and The Tremors , Frankenstien & His Monsters, John Mayall's Powerhouse Five - All popular there!

I saw Long John Baldry and The Hoochie Coochie Men with Rod Stewart on 2nd vocals! there! My band Big City Blues played there too!"

David Bowker

Club known as "The Pop Inn" circa 1968 - with resident DJ "Dave"

"The Fourtones had a regular Sunday night gig at the Club Creole, my hobby at the time was electronics, and I was asked to build a PA system and a twin turntable DJ desk (complete with pre-amps) which I did, trouble was because I did it as a favour, I didn't charge enough for it, still you live and learn!"

Butch Mepham

Golden Oldies like myself who enjoy a nostalgia trip may like to know that the furniture company who use The Rex for a showroom have kept the stage as a show piece. If you pay the shop a visit it is not difficult to transport yourself back to the sixties. Great club,great times.Met the girl who became my wife there (still married) every one was your mate.The bouncer was a bit scary though,if he thought you were new to the club he would look you straight in the eye and say "No trouble,o.k." and there never was!!

Tony Harrison - 10/10/09

I used to frequent Club Creole (a former jazz club) pretty regularly between 1962 and 1964. It was the only profesional venue for live music in Wilmslow so a big draw for music-crazed teenagers.

The club occupied the space on the first floor above the passage that took the road through to the Rex car park at the rear. The doorway, to the left of the passage at ground level, led to a concrete staircase leading up to a small landing where the door staff stood guard. It was said that unco-operative guests were liable to find themselves at the foot of the stairs without touching the sides! Maybe that was just a rumour. It was a licensed premises but I and my mates were all aged between 14 and 16. So we used to join the queue confidently puffing cigarettes in the hope that this would increase our chances of getting in. It seems to have worked as I don't think we were ever turned away. The club was basically one large room with a small step-on stage and an adjoining bar. The place was usually packed and sweltering, with lines six-deep at the bar struggling to get a pint. Ronnie Fitch, who worked at the greengrocer's opposite, was one of the barmen. I went back to have a look at the place a few years ago. As Tony Harrison says, the stage is still there and, despite the soft furnishing surroundings, the ghosts of the Sixties had still not completely departed... music, dancing, voices, smoke, sweat, scent (Old Spice!), alcohol, fun!

Alan Thomas - 15/1/10

After being called the Creole it became the Whiskey Galore - "Saturday night at the Whiskey" sung to the tune of "Saturday night at the movies" !

Nigel Booth - 6/2/12

Anyone remember my cousin Norman Roberts, he was the Manager at The Rex in the 60's. Went to live in Oz, but sadly passed away in 2010.

Pat Cottrill - 20/2/12

.... the coffee bar in Cheadle Hulme was the Kings Hall, which was a coffee bar during the week, and then a dance hall upstairs at weekends! All the big groups played there in the sixties!!

Howard Hunt - 9/7/12

A gang of us from Cheadle Hulme used to travel to the club every Sat night for many years. Great club and Ronnie was a great barman and a top bloke.

On a side note can anyone remember the name of the coffee bar in Cheadle Hulme in the 60s that had a juke box. It was the only one in the area that looked like an american diner and we all used to sit and listen to the latest records thinking we were on the other side of the pond.

Dave Higginson - 20/5/12

We went here early 60s.resident group then were The Electrons with a guest group each Sat night. We got in free as we were mates with the doorman. The scary bouncer was called Tom, we were mates with him as well, thank god, he was a hulk of a man.

For a while dances were held at the British Legion Club whileRrex was refurbished. This would have been a great venue if used more often, it was a lot bigger, massive stage, cloakrooms, great bar area, what a waste of a place.

We used to get a passout at Rex and go for a drink at the New Inn, rather than the crowded bar at Rex. Had some right sessions in there.
Great memories of Wilmslow.

M. Broadhurst, Macclesfield - 1/6/12

Used to go to the Rex when I was 14 with a friend called John Renshaw. Walking up the stairs to see if the bouncers would let you in was a fear trip. Saw the Country Gents and others there.

Chris Ghazilian - 13/10/13
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