Strand Ballroom (Winsford)

Many local groups played there in the early sixties.

Access to the stage was through the ladies cloakroom,down a dark passage and in through a door at the back of the stage. The building was built out on piles into the river causing settlement which in turn caused the stage door to stick on several occasions when my band Vince Storm and the Tempests played there......didn't do much for the polished look when the singer could not get on stage in time with the introduction.

Building is long gone but I have fond memories of The Strand

Roger Moors - 26/2/12

Do you remember three singers at the Strand Winsford 1958/60s Called THE KEY NOTES - Bill Williams, Marjorie Fowles and Anne Proctor


The photo is of Anne Taken at the Strand in October 1958.

Mel Proctor - 16/9/15






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