Skyways (Moss Nook, Wythenshawe)

There was a venue in Wythenshaw called Skyways coffee bar not far from Ringway airport, now Manchester Airport, this was a Rockers club who had groups on every week.

I remember playing there with The Roadrunners, while we were setting up this leather clad giant of a bloke came up to us and said if we did not play Baby please don!t go by Them and We gotta get out of this by the Animals they would trash our van and maybe even worse.

Fortunately we had practised these tunes and they went down a storm. The owner of the bar told us we were very lucky as the threats were real.

Gordon Burnell - The M/C Roadrunners - 21/9/12

I was interested to read Gordon Burnell's account of adventures at the Skyways. I played drums with Gordon , Barry Goldsbrough, and Pete Faulkner, in the Drifting Hearts in about 1964/65, presumably after Gordon was with the Roadrunners. The Skyways was opposite the Tatton Arms in Moss Nook, a small hamlet on the outskirts of Heald Green/Wythenshawe.

Some years later it was re-invented as a high end restaurant and re-named 'The Moss Nook', and was much favoured by Alex Ferguson and other big names in the football and showbiz world. I remember playing a gig there when it was the Skyways and we had to change in the gents toilets ( oh the glamour !) where, written on the wall, was the following piece of advice, " Don't try standing on the seat, the crabs in here can jump six feet!" After which somebody had written ," It's no good going to the bog next door, the crabs in there jump six feet four !"

I can't believe I can still laugh at that at 66 yrs of age ! Happy days !

Stewart ( Stu) Wilde - 10/5/13

Hi there - Ii used to go to Skyways coffee bar in the 60s, also the Tatton Arms across the road, when I wasn't riding my Triumph Bonneville. I played in The Moonrakers and Ivans Meads. Great times there and the Ten Ten on Stockport Rd.

I am 69 now and still riding triumphs and playing my guitars.

Rock`n roll - Tony Kennedy - 6/3/15

Great memories. A place to enjoy coffee and a chat, my gold coloured skid lid and a 650 Triumph Boneville and Black leather jackets. Those were the days my friend :)

Cindy - 21 /1/15

Was there in 63 ariel arrow went out with Jackie who had an ariel with expansion pipes original stolen at ulton park?
70 now !

Graham Williams - 3 December 2016

I use to visit the Skyways Coffee bar evey afternoon to meet up with the Granelli ice cream boys this is where we all met about 2.30hrs. I also knew Derek the owner very well did anybody know Melvin Billington he worked thhere great times

John Moore





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